Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ombre Petal Cake

My old boss Mr. Hall wanted me to make his sweet lil wife a cake. She was turning 72. I think that deserves a nice lil cake!! He didn't really care what I did so Yay! I got to try one of these cool petal cakes!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Chevron Graduation Cake

This cake I made for a Red/Black/Chevron theme Graduation Party.

I love the way that this cake turned out and was the perfect accent to the party! It was simple but very sophisticated.

Here is a Pic of the it on the table! It was the perfect center peice!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cheetah/zebra Graduation Cake

Congratulations to Amy on her Graduation!
This is a cake I did for a girl who was homeschooled (but she didn't want the school grad theme anyway) So I just did a cake in what she liked.

I did the top cheetah like "melting" look going down and the bottom zebra. Pretty blue/aqua color bow and pearl border.

Amy liked the cheetah zebra peacock one I did for my sisters sweet 16. (minus the feathers not her thing) So I set about finding a way to combine them in a smaller one tier cake for her. I LOVE the way this turned out! This cake would look so good with a variety of color/design/theme combinations.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Graduation Cake

This weekend was very exciting my dad went back to college after getting laid off and he finally GRADUATED! yay!  So of course we had a party and I made him a cake. The restaurant didn't have very good lighting and was the only time I had to snap a pic. But here it is
Here is a slightly different angle can see the stars better. back at the house.

The cake was chocolate with chocolate chips top tier and vanilla bottom all buttercream. linking to
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Haydens Birthday Cake

This weekend I made my nieces birthday cake. I wanted it to match her rose smash cake since she used those pictures for her invites. I didn't want to do exact it has to be AWESOME! Her party was all PINK so this is what I did ..
Its a strawberry (pink) three tier rose cake different pinks fade into white :) this cake is so girly im in love! I did the little mini cake for Hayden.

I got to help eat this one! yay! It was yummy and hayden loved hers!

Here is one more of the Princess wearing the hat I made her :)

All in all it was a good weekend.

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I would like to say I didn't come up with this cake idea on my own I saw a random cake pic online and used their idea...who doesn't...tweaked it a lil added what I needed. Idk the link or would post.have a good day!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baseball Baby Shower

I got to make this baseball theme cake for baby Jaxon this weekend and I love love how it turned out...

All they told me was red, white, and blue baseball theme and to do whatever I wanted. Yay! I was able to just go with i decided to try a few things :)

I made this hat from gumpaste for a topper..

Also gave little jaxon a Louisville slugger he he...signed by Jaxon lol Notice my "sand"

Last, but my FAVORITE...the baby converse baseball shoes! I saw a tutorial online and had to try it! Now im in love with them. I cant wait to make some more :) Of course if you play baseball your always going to get some sand on you :) (its brown sugar!)

I hope they loved it...GO TEAM JAXON!

Special thanks to Photography By Kristen for taking my awesome cake pics.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Cake Smash Rose Cake

 This cake was for my neices cake smash pictures taken by :) doesn't it look so girly! I loved this cake can't wait for a reason to make another one.

And There's my lil neice isn't she a doll! She is getting a lil taste there YUMMY we were all jealous she was getting to eat it lol!
Kristen did an awesome amazing job! Isn't this pic she took of my cake gorgeous!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tinkerbell/Fairy Cake

  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS CAKE! It was even better in person...I put pretty GLITTER (edible of course) ALL OVER IT! It just sparkled and was so beautiful to look at. I posted a video of me spinning it so you can see all sides on my facebook Make it Special {cakes} by Bridgette (of course ;P).

Sweet 16!! Cheetah, Zebra, and peacock feathers

Happy birthday to my LIL siser (one of them)

Hannah Decided just how she wanted her cake I love this style! So FANCY.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Practice wedding :)

Today I decided to make a cake for the house so that I could practice some pretty scroll work I saw in a bridal magazine. I think i LOVE the way it turned out. aaaah this would be so beautifull with three tiers and a gorgeous gumpast bow on it. Or even a ribbon bow and a pretty brooch.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake turqoise and swirls.

Train Birthday

This was for my sons train birthday party. Its all cake even the train.

Had to throw a pic of my sweet baby in there. He was wondering why everyone was staring at him singing lol!

Ruffle cake

I thought this cake was so cute I had to try it.

Oncor logo

This was a cake to appreciate guys at Oncor. This is their logo.

Luney tunes cake

Luney tunes baby shower cake. I made the characters on top. Turned out super cute lol

Zebra cake

This zebra cake was for my sisters birthday. I added glitter to the bow you can see in the second picture. I also made the numbers on top.

Had to slip a picture of my cute lil sister in there.

Polka dots!

This cake turned out so chic. Was for a girls 21st birthday. I made the A on top from gumpaste and loved how it turned out.

Browning Logo

Red, white, and blue browning logo grooms cake, designed by the groom.


Cake to congratulate Kenny for a promotion.

Pastors Birthday Cake

This was a "manly" cake lol. For Pastors birthday party.

Camo Wedding

I did not get a finished picture of this cake so sad kicking my self! I added beautifull pink dots after this.

Argabright wedding

Argabright wedding cake

Sweet 16

Hannah's sweet 16 Birthday, Thats rock candy on it so cute! I really loved this cake :)